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Unlock Significant Incremental Financial Value in Your Beverage Contracts
Posted by Bob Howell on Mon, Jul 21, 2014 @ 09:11 AM

Beverage consultants can help organizations realize significant incremental savings.

The healthcare and educational sectors need cost efficiency now more than ever. Hospitals feel the financial pinch from the expense of health care reform. Educational institutions face shrinking state budgets and donations. Healthcare entities and academic institutions may find that a review of their beverage program can provide much-needed savings. If they have not already, not-for-profit organizations should consider the significant incremental savings opportunities embedded in an exclusive provider contract. The beverage category is likely not on the radar for potential value improvement by most organizations, but in fact, it offers significant incremental financial value for hospitals, colleges and universities.

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Topics: financial value, Activation Systems

Best Practices for Car Donation Charitable Giving Programs
Posted by Brian R. Jett on Wed, Jul 2, 2014 @ 10:10 AM

In an effort to further their charitable mission, not-for-profit organizations routinely seek contributions from the communities they serve. To this end, many not-for-profit organizations have adopted vehicle donation programs. While these programs—usually operated in association with a for-profit entity (often a car dealer) that coordinates the donations—are often a boon for charities, they are not without risk.

To maximize the effectiveness of car (and truck, boat, RV and other vehicle) donation programs, as well as help potential donors get the most out of their charitable intent, not-for-profits should adhere to IRS guidance and industry best practices. First and foremost, not-for-profits should have in place a formal, written donation policy that outlines its approach to non-cash charitable contributions. And second, the charity should be mindful of the tax benefits to their donors in order to maximize their potential charitable contributions.

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Topics: charitable donations, Brian Jett

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