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3 COVID-19 Impacts to Expect When Undergoing a Single Audit in 2020

Is Your Organization Going to Be Subject to a Federal Single Audit?

What Additional COVID-19 Legislation Could Look Like for Not-For-Profits

As COVID-19 Vaccine Research Advances, So Do Cyber Threats from China

Liquidity Concerns Troubling Your Not-For-Profit? Consider the Main Street Lending Program

Reporting Requirements Impact Private Colleges and Universities

Memo Clarifies Single Audit Relief Provisions

Federal Reserve Considers Expanding Main Street to Not-For-Profits

How Not-For-Profits Account for PPP Loans

My PPP Loan Was Funded…Now What?

FASB Vote on Rev Rec and Leasing Deferral Sends Mixed Relief for Not-For-Profits

Campus Is Shut Down – What Can Be Done to Maximize This Time?

5 Ways Not-For-Profits Can Capture the Benefits of the CARES Act

403(b) Restatement Deadline Extended Due to COVID-19

Safeguarding Your Endowment or Foundation During COVID-19

Coronavirus Capital Assistance and Disaster Relief Fund Guide for Not-For-Profit Organizations

Understanding the Key Aspects of the CARES Act for Not-For-Profits

6 Tips to Help Not-For-Profits Manage Coronavirus Impact

Clarifications Coming to Not-For-Profit Accounting for Nonfinancial Assets

The SECURE Act – 9 Key Takeaways for Employers

Biggest Stories in 2020 for Not-For-Profit Risk Management

Only a Few Months to Go Until the 403(b) Restatement Deadline

2020 Not-For-Profit Accounting Preview

Extenders Bill Brings Big Changes for Not-For-Profits

4 Applications of Revenue Recognition & Contribution Accounting in Not-For-Profits

3 Things Not-For-Profits Should Know About Directors & Officers Insurance

Mapping the Risk Landscape for Not-For-Profits and Higher Ed

Finding the Middle Ground Between Efficiency and Innovation

6 Tips for Building a Resilient Charitable Contribution Plan for 2020

Are Donor Disclosure Rules Going to Change?

Not-For-Profits Wanting to Reduce Spend? Take a Look at Contracts

5 Things Board Members Need to Know About Their Organization’s Cybersecurity Strategy

Relief Coming for Parking Expenses? Not-For-Profits Hold Out Hope

Improve Your Revenue Recognition Assessment Speed

5 Ways the New ERISA Employee Benefit Plan Audit Standards Will Affect Your Plans

4 Major Takeaways from the 2019 AICPA Not-for-Profit Industry Conference

Are Your Benefit Plan’s Alternative Investments Generating Taxes?

New Lease Accounting Standard to be Delayed?

How Health Literacy Helps the Not-For-Profit (& Employee) Bottom Line

Join Us for the 2019 EACUBO Annual Meeting

Not-For-Profit Organizations Granted Private Company Accounting Alternatives

The Revenue Recognition Lesson Not-For-Profits Can Apply to Leasing

9 Ratios to Help Measure Your Not-For-Profit's Financial Health

Today’s Trends for Not-For-Profits

Massachusetts Paid Family Leave Tax Collection Delayed

Don’t Let Independent Contractors Put Your Organization in a Chokehold

Make Your Audit Committee Meaningful Again

Recent Developments in UBTI for Not-For-Profits

3 Reasons Not-For-Profits Should Make ERM a Higher Priority This Year

1 Year to Go Until the 403(b) Restatement Deadline

The 3 Biggest Employee Benefits Challenges Facing Employers Today

Is a Health Insurance Captive Right for Your Organization?

Signs Your Not-For-Profit Needs an Executive Compensation Study

Definition of ‘Collections’ Clarified

Improve Your Accounting for Fundraising

Highlights from the Department of Education Federal Student Aid Conference

3 Not-For-Profit News Stories to Note

What ‘Wayfair’ Means for Not-For-Profits

2019 Not-For-Profit Accounting Preview

How to Prepare for a Successful Implementation of the New Not-For-Profit Reporting Standards

Lingering TCJA Tax Considerations for Not-For-Profits

2019 Outlook for Donations, Grants, and Endowments

IRS Relaxes Hardship Withdrawal Rules for Not-For-Profits

5 Ways Not-For-Profits Can Harness the Power of Their Data

Measuring the Impact of Revenue Recognition on Not-For-Profit Organizations

4 Steps to Restoring Your Not-For-Profit’s Reputation after Financial Fraud

4 Things Not-For-Profits Can Do in 2018 to Make Adopting the Leasing Standard Easier

The Form 990 Roadmap Continued: Navigate the Alphabet of Supplemental Schedules

Does Your Not-For-Profit Have an Effective Audit Committee?

5 Tips for Not-For-Profits in a Tight Labor Market

New Charitable Contribution Regulations May Require Not-For-Profits to Step-Up Their Game

Donor Information Requirement Going Away for Some Not-For-Profits

Should My Not-For-Profit Accept Cryptocurrency?

Increased Thresholds for Micro-Purchases and Small Purchases Effective Immediately

Guidance Issued Regarding Contributions Made and Received for Not-For-Profit Organizations

A Cybersecurity Primer for Not-For-Profit Organizations

Is Your Form 990 At Risk for an Exam?

The Two Key Financial Statement Changes Not-For-Profit Boards Should Know About

8 Ways to Help Prevent a Retirement Plan Lawsuit

Make Your Form 990 A Roadmap for Donors, Board Members, the IRS and the Public

Regulation Round-Up for Not-For-Profits: New Requirements to Monitor

The Time Has Come to Evaluate Your  Not-For-Profit's Executive Compensation

Reminder: Time to Consider Restating Your 403(b) Plan Document

The Impact of the New Tax Law on Not-For-Profits

Attention Massachusetts Not-For-Profits: File Form 3ABC by 3/1

What Did the FASB Have to Say About Tax Reform?

Operating Reserves and the Not-For-Profit Organization’s Budget

CBIZ & MHM to Present at Upcoming 2018 AICUM Spring Symposium

Cybersecurity Risks in the Season of Giving

7 Lessons Not-For-Profits Learned From Early Adopting the New Financial Statement Standard

6 Tips for Retaining a Not-For-Profit CFO

How Not-For-Profit Organizations Can Drive Organizational Change through Internal Coaching

What Not-For-Profits Stand to Gain (or Lose) from the Latest Tax Reform Plan

Accounting Updates That Affect Not-For-Profit 2017 Financial Statements

Data Analytics Drive Compliance Efforts in the 2018 IRS Work Plan for Not-For-Profits

Tap Into Relief Efforts Without Drilling Too Deep: Tips for Fundraising After a Natural Disaster

Frequently Asked Questions About Not-For-Profit Audits

How to Navigate a Merger or Acquisition in the Not-For-Profit Sector

Overtime Rules Thrown Out for Now

Top Ten Insurance Claim Tips

Engaging Millennials in a Multi-Generational Workforce

Proposed ASU Aims to Clarify Revenue Recognition for Not-For-Profits

How to Make Your Grant Application Stand Out

Substantiate, Substantiate, and Substantiate: A Friendly Reminder for Not-For-Profit Organizations and their Donors

6 Signs of an Effective Board

In Case of Emergency: Ensure Your Contingency Plan Covers All Its Bases

Top 5 Financial Aid Audit and Program Review Findings for Colleges and Universities

Mid-Year Round-Up of Not-For-Profit News

Revitalize Your Audit Committee Charter: A Self-Evaluation for Not-For-Profit Organizations

How Not-For-Profits Can Stay Ahead of Fraud

Does Trump's Executive Order Set the Stage for a Repeal of the Johnson Amendment?

7 Steps Not-For-Profits Can Take to Protect Sensitive Data

Should Not-For-Profits Look to For-Profits for Their Next CEOs?

Join Us for the 2017 AICPA National Not-for-Profit Conference

How Not-For-Profits Can Use Social Media to Drive Engagement

Improve Your Regulator Response Plan: A Guide for Not-For-Profits

Questions to Ask Before Accepting In-Kind Donations

Spring Cleaning: What Not-For-Profits Should Annually Review to Manage Compliance Requirements

Negotiating Compensation Packages with 457 Plans

Revenue Recognition: Government Grants and Other Provisions that May Impact Adoption for Not-For-Profits

Last Day Set for Restatement of 403(b) Plans

How Not-For-Profits Can Avoid Phishing Scams

Presenting the New Not-For-Profit Financial Statement: Implementation

Changes in the Tax Code Could Affect Not-For-Profits

How to Keep Endowments Above Water

Highlights from the Department of Education Federal Student Aid Training Conference

Reminder to All Massachusetts Not-For-Profits: Don’t Forget to File Form 3ABC

What ERM Requirements for Federal Agencies Could Mean for Not-For-Profits

Managing Your Public Facing Data

Presenting the New Not-For-Profit Financial Statement: Liquidity

Proposed Technical Correction Made to Not-For-Profit Endowment Reporting

Appealing to Student Loan Forgiveness Could Boost Not-For-Profit Hiring Prospects

Secure Your Not-For-Profit Leadership Pipeline

4 Ways Not-For-Profits Can Manage Their Fraud Risks

Highlights from the IRS Tax-Exempt and Government Entities Division 2017 Work Plan

Presenting the New Not-For-Profit Financial Statement: Presentation of Operating Cash Flows & Investment Returns

Post-Issuance Compliance for Tax-Exempt Bonds: Understanding the Requirements

Not-For-Profits and the Challenge of Monitoring Retirement Plan Fees

Presenting the New Not-For-Profit Financial Statement: Net Asset Classes & Governing Board Restrictions

4 Ways Not-For-Profits Can Improve Fundraising Through Benchmarking

Presenting the New Not-For-Profit Financial Statement

Key Takeaways from the 2016 AICPA Not-For-Profit Industry Conference: A Practice Leader’s Perspective

Advisory Group Makes Recommendations to the IRS on Tax-Exempt Requirements

5 Risks Not-For-Profits Face with Construction Projects

5 Skills Every Not-For-Profit CEO Should Have

3 Ways Not-For-Profit Board Members Can Act as Fiduciaries

‘New Markets’ Present Not-For-Profits with Opportunities for New Development

Not-For-Profits Should Prepare Now for the New Overtime Rule

Changing and Enhancing Not-For-Profit Risk Management

Regulatory Updates That Could Affect Your Not-For-Profit

Four Lessons Learned from Year One of the Uniform Grant Guidance

5 Reasons Why Not-For-Profits Should Carry D&O Insurance

Not-For-Profits Should Prepare for Enhanced Scrutiny of Liquidity

Reminders About Prohibited Political Activity and Other Considerations for Not-For-Profits in an Election Year

Join Us for the 2016 AICPA National Not-for-Profit Conference

Improve Your Not-for-Profit’s Credit Card and Data Security

FASB Technical Agenda Update: Items of Note for Not-for-Profits

Three Targets of UBIT Scrutiny

What’s in a Name: How Nonprofits Can Protect Their Reputation

Preparing for the Upcoming 403(b) Plan Document Restatement

Managing Underwater Endowments for Not-for-Profit Organizations

Report Asks for 501(c)(3) Application Improvements

A Look into the Future: What Tax Changes May Be Coming for Not-for-Profits

Department of Education Provides Additional Guidance about the Wind Down of the Perkins Program

Does Your Not-For-Profit Need an Audit of its Marketing, Fundraising Streams and Advertising?

Rebranding a Nonprofit: Four Reasons Why the CFO Needs a Seat at the Table

Tax Extenders Come with Benefits for Tax-Exempt Organizations and Their Donors

Filing Deadline Approaches for Massachusetts Nonprofits Property Tax Exemption

Information Reporting Deadlines for ACA Extended

4 Ways to Improve Your Not-for-Profit’s Board and Management

A Not-for-Profit’s Guide to Upcoming Accounting Changes

Why Does Your Not-for-Profit Need A Financial Advisor?

Electing 501(h) Makes More Room for Lobbying

Three Opportunities for Not-for-Profits to Lower Benefit Costs

Not-for-Profit Financial Statement Presentation Changes Update

Preparing for Subpart F of the Uniform Grant Guidance

Substantiation Changes Proposed to Charitable Contribution Returns

How to Modernize Your Audit Committee

Enhance Your Not-for-Profit’s Cybersecurity Strategy

Don’t Forget the SALT- A Not-for-Profit’s Guide to State and Local Tax Compliance

Does your Not-for-Profit’s CEO Need an Exit Agreement?

Broadening Your Benefit Plan: A Quick Guide to 457(b) Plans

Five Ways to Improve Governance and Risk Management Practices

UFR Reporting Updates: Six Items to Note for FY 2015 Reporting

IRS Plans to Release Digitally Readable Form 990s in 2016

Toughen Up on Title IX: How to Comply with Your Requirements

Advisory Committee Recommends Changes to the Form 990

Scrutinize This: Top Audit Risk Points for Not-for-Profits

How to Triage a Website Breach

Specialization Matters: Small Employee Benefit Plan Audit Practices More Likely to Produce Deficient Audits

Tight State and Local Budgets May Signal Bad News for Not-for-Profits

Safe Harbor Expanded for 501(c)(3) Bond-Financed Buildings

FASB Proposes Delay of New Revenue Recognition Standard

Not-For-Profits Brace for Enhanced Disclosures and Reporting Requirements

Top 5 Recent Tax Developments Affecting Not-For-Profit Organizations

Seven Resources to Identify New Board Members

Best Practices for Managing Your Organization’s Endowment Funds

Manage Your Abandoned Property Audit Risk

Join us for the 2015 AICPA National Not-for-Profit Conference

9 Ratios to Help Measure Your Not-For-Profit’s Financial Health

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