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M&A After COVID: What Companies Looking at Buying or Selling Can Do Now
Posted by Chrissy Hammond on Mon, Jun 1, 2020 @ 01:07 PM

Plans for 2020 changed abruptly with the outbreak of the COVID-19 virus. Operations may be starting to return to normal, but questions around the lasting repercussions of the pandemic remain. This is particularly true if your plan had been to grow through strategic acquisitions or to sell your company. While the dust from the COVID-19 pandemic settles, the following considerations may help guide your company in its evaluation of future complex transactions.

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Topics: m&a, Transaction Price, mergers and acquisition, COVID19, Coronavirus, buy-side, sell-side

Collectibility, Treatment of Sales Taxes and Other Narrow Scope Improvements to Revenue Recognition Standard
Posted by David Lewin on Tue, Jun 7, 2016 @ 08:30 AM

Six elements the Joint Transition Resource Group for Revenue Recognition earmarked for change became part of the final standard recently. Accounting Standards Update (ASU) 2016-12, Revenue from Contracts with Customers (Topic 606): Narrow Scope Improvements and Practical Expedients, updates guidance related to collectibility, presentation of sales and use taxes, noncash consideration, contract modifications and completed contracts at transition.

The bulk of the changes remain the same as outlined in the exposure draft released last fall. The ASU also includes a technical correction.

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Topics: Revenue Recognition Standard, Revenue recognition, Transaction Price

Revenue Recognition Step 4 - Allocating the Transaction Price
Posted by David Lewin on Mon, Mar 14, 2016 @ 01:30 PM

Step 4 of the new five-step revenue recognition standard requires the allocation of the transaction price to each performance obligation in a contract with a customer. Entities reach this point by first identifying the contract with a customer, identifying the performance obligations in the contract and determining the transaction price.

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Topics: Revenue Recognition Standard, Revenue recognition, Transaction Price

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