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Are you Ready for 401(K) Plan Changes Under the SECURE Act?

Evaluating Your Insurance Company’s Internal Tax Department Needs

What to Know About SAS 136: A New Audit Standard for ERISA Employee Benefit Plans

3 Ongoing Challenges with Revenue Recognition Accounting

Lending Considerations for 2022 and Beyond

Don’t Let Independent Contractors Put Your Organization in Jeopardy

Biden Administration Renews Tax Plan and Proposes Billionaire’s Minimum Tax

ASC 740 Considerations for Pass-Through Entity Tax Regimes

IRS Cracks Down on Documentation for Research Credit Claims

2022 Accounting Preview

State and Local Tax Compliance Issues for Remote Workers

3 Things Manufacturers Need to Know About Their Accounting for Leases

What to Expect this Upcoming Tax Season

Adopting ASC 842: Where Are Your Leases Hiding?

A Change to Business Combinations to Consider Early Adopting

Tax Planning in 2022: Tax Rates and Inflation Adjusted Figures

Prepare for the Impact of Lease Accounting on Your Financial Statement

Prepare for Impact: Navigating the R&D Tax Incentive Changes

Silver Linings for Architecture Firms from the Year That Was

House Passes Infrastructure Bill, Will Revisit Build Back Better Act

IRS Announces Benefit Plan Limitations for 2022

House Unveils Tax Legislative Proposals in Build Back Better Act

Greater Boston Architecture Firms Find Success amid Disruption

Mass. Legislature enacts elective tax on pass-through entities

How the New Auditor Report Will Affect Your 2022 Audit

House Democrats Release Tax Legislative Blueprint for the Build Back Better Plan

4 Tax Moves to Consider if Planning for M&A

House Sets Stage for Biden Tax Plan by Passing $3.5 Trillion Budget Resolution

Change Is Coming to the Research and Experimentation Tax

More States Enact Pass-Through Entity Tax: What Does It Mean?

Accounting Considerations for Employee Retention Tax Credits

Remote Practices for Financial Statement Audits That Are Here to Stay

Biden Administration Provides Further Details on Tax Plan

Now Is the Time to Put Lease Accounting Back on the To-Do List

Strategies to Decrease the Impact of Business Tax Increases

Biden’s American Families Plan Enhances Child Care and Education, Targets Wealthy Taxpayers

New York Gov. Cuomo Signs 2021/2022 Budget Bill

New Corporate Tax Reporting Requirements for Virginia Announced

How Quickly Can President Biden Pass His American Jobs Plan?

Mass. Governor signs bill that ends state tax on PPP grants for individuals and business owners

Business Impacts to New England Professional Services Companies: Follow-Up Survey Results

2021 Accounting Preview

IRS Extends Filing Season for Individual Taxpayers to May 17

Business Impacts to New England Private Companies: Follow-Up Survey Results

Paycheck Protection Program Extended Through Q2 2021

Biden Stimulus Plan Crosses the Finish Line

The Role R&D Tax Credits Play in Recovery and Realignment

Small Businesses Granted Priority for Remaining PPP2 Funds

Biden Administration’s $1.9 Trillion Stimulus Plan Outlined

Don’t Miss Out on the Newly Supercharged Employee Retention Tax Credit

4 Tax and Legislative Developments to Monitor in the New Legislative Session

8 Ways Organizations Can Take Advantage of the New Stimulus

At Issue - An Employee Benefits Regulatory Affairs Bulletin

Tax & PPP Loan Provisions in the Consolidated Appropriations Act

Senior Manager, Ann Brown, Presented at the New England State & Local Tax Forum

IRS Issues New Guidance on When PPP Loan Expenses Are Deductible

Your Guide to Tax Planning in 2021

Will Controls Modified for Remote Work Arrangements Pass External Audit Scrutiny?

Now Open: 2021 Massachusetts Life Sciences Tax Incentive Program

A Closer Look at When Nondeductible Expenses from PPP Loans Impact Taxable Income

Initial Election Results Complicate Chances for Tax Changes in 2021

Are You Ready for the Next Big Change in 401(K) Plans under the SECURE Act?

IRS Announces Benefit Plan Limitations for 2021

4 Tax Moves to Consider as the Election Gets Closer

Perspectives on China from the Middle Market

Using KPIs to Guide Manufacturers’ COVID-19 Accelerated Recovery

How Cybersecurity Staffing May be Impacted During COVID-19 Recovery

Appointment of the Special Inspector General for Pandemic Recovery

3 Considerations When Using Forecasts to Assess Impairment Amid COVID-19

IRS Issues Employee Payroll Tax Deferral Guidance

Comparing the Tax Plans of Kamala Harris and Joe Biden

Will PPP Loans Trigger a Higher Tax Bill?

Be Mindful of Any Planned Moves: How Residency Affects State Tax Obligations

Final Business Interest Expense Rules Provide Relief to Manufacturers

11 Accounting Challenges Arising from COVID-19

Presidential Election and Coronavirus-Ravaged Economy Provide Impetus to Review Estate Plans

Assessing the Impact of President Trump’s 4 Executive Orders

Amid Legislative Uncertainty, SBA Clarifies Payroll Costs and Other PPP Provisions

Executive Order for Payroll Tax Holiday Puts Employers in No-Win Scenario

Customer Retention, Revenue Recognition & COVID-19

7 Ways COVID-19 May Affect State & Local Filing Requirements

5 Tips to Navigate Your Insurance Renewal in Light of COVID-19

Senate Republicans Offer Phase 4 Emergency Legislation in the HEALS Act

Comparing the Trump and Biden Tax Plans

COVID-19’s Impact on New England Private Companies: Survey Results

Top 3 COVID-19 Impacts on the M&A Market

The Implications of COVID-19 on SOC Reports

Reminder: Business Tax Updates That Affect 2019 Tax Filings

IRS Provides Guidance on Distribution and Contribution Provisions in CARES Act

A Loan Recipient's Guide to PPP Loan Forgiveness

4 Ways the Manufacturing & Distribution Sector Can Prepare for the Post-COVID-19 Environment

Lending Considerations in the COVID-19 Environment

New Details Emerge on the Main Street Lending Program

5 Business Continuity Lessons Learned from COVID-19

AICPA Weighs in on Accounting for PPP Loans

How to Ensure Your Accounting is Top-Notch When Completing a Debt Raise

How to Monetize the Tax Changes in the CARES Act

Turn Disaster to Cash - Claim 2020 Losses on 2019 Returns

How the New PPP Law Affects Loan Forgiveness Requirements

Accounting Considerations for the Paycheck Protection Program

House Overwhelmingly Passes Bipartisan Measure to Ease PPP Loan Forgiveness Requirements with Senate Prepared to Act Quickly

Preparing for Cybersecurity Questions from Your Auditor

M&A After COVID: What Companies Looking at Buying or Selling Can Do Now

FASB Votes to Officially Delay Revenue Recognition, Leasing Standard

4 International Tax Ramifications Related to the COVID-19 Pandemic

Phishing During COVID-19: What You Need to Know

3 State & Local Tax Implications from the CARES Act

Tackling Tax Department State & Local Impacts from COVID-19

SBA’s Updated Paycheck Protection Program FAQ Brings Additional Questions

Managing the Paycheck Protection Program Loan Guidance: Your Questions Answered

6 Tax Considerations for the Real Estate Sector under Recent COVID-19 Legislation

How to Put a COVID-19 Capital and Operating Expenditure Project Plan into Place

Recognizing the Impact COVID-19 Has On Revenue Recognition

Designing a Post-COVID-19 Workplace

I Have a Concession: How COVID-19 May Impact Lease Accounting

Received a PPP Loan? Prepare for Scrutiny

Benefits and Marketplace Trends Through the Lens of COVID-19

Cost-Savings Strategies Amid COVID-19 – Keep Benefit Plans Top of Mind

Key Questions and Answers about Income Tax Accounting Considerations for the CARES Act

4 COVID-19 Repercussions Experienced by Financial Professionals

Reopening Your Business After the COVID-19 Shutdown

CARES Act Part Deux: New Funding and Additional Guidance

3 Reasons Why Now is the Time to Rethink Estate Planning

Coronavirus & Contracts: Does COVID-19 Qualify as a Force Majeure Event?

5 Pressing Tax and Benefits Considerations for Employers

COVID-19’s Impact on Directors & Officers Liability

Income Tax Accounting Repercussions for Public Companies

CARES Act International Tax Impacts Involve Changes to NOLs and Business Interest

Paycheck Protection Program and Economic Injury Disaster Loan Funding Depleted

Accounting for the Impact of COVID-19: How the Coronavirus Affects Going Concern Evaluations

COVID-19: Remote Workers Bring a New Set of Tax Challenges

Impairment and the Impact of COVID-19: Is There a Triggering Event?

New Main Street Lending Program Boosts Business Owners

IRS Postpones More Deadlines for Paper Filed Returns

Documentation for a Possible COVID-19 Business Interruption Claim

Down Main Street: Overview of the New Main Street Lending Program

4 Income Tax Changes in the CARES Act Worth a Second Look

FASB Votes to Delay Leasing Standard Amid Coronavirus Concerns

How to Prepare for COVID-19 Construction Delays

Improving Cyber Safety in Remote Work Scenarios

10 Considerations for Your Response to COVID-19

Payment Relief for Personal Income and Corporate Excise Taxpayers Impacted by Coronavirus in Massachusetts

12 Credits, Deductions, Loans & Deferrals to Help Your Business Get Through This Crisis

The 13-Week Cash-Flow: An Important COVID-19 Survival Tool for Your Business

Liquidity Management to Control COVID-19’s Impact

The CARES Act Provides Relief for Retirement Plan Sponsors and Participants

Employment Laws & Regulations: CARES Act Modifies Employee Benefits Provisions - What Employers Need to Know

Accounting Considerations & Relief Extension for Public Companies in the Wake of COVID-19

SEC Extends Relief for Companies Affected by COVID-19

Senate Passes Phase 3 Emergency Legislation

UPDATE: COVID-19’s Impact on Benefits & Employment

4 Transfer Pricing Implications from the Coronavirus

Will Retirement Plan Relief Be Part of the Coronavirus Response Effort?

Trump Administration Announces Tax Day Moved to July 15

Trump Signs Phase 2 COVID-19 Emergency Legislation

Updated Information on April 15 Tax Payment Deadline Extension Amid Coronavirus Pandemic (Updated March 18, 2020)

Coronavirus and CyberFraud – Increased Reports of Scams

How COVID-19 Affects Financial Reporting

April 15 Tax Payment Deadline Extended Amid Coronavirus Pandemic

Will Final Regulations Bring Certainty to a Land of Opportunity?

Timing of Revenue Recognition: Considerations for Service Organizations

Protecting Employees from Coronavirus

Coronavirus and the Workplace – Compliance Issues for Employers

Congressional Tax Writers, Trump Administration Considering Tax Relief Measures

Tax Reform, Two Years Later

Preparing for the Financial Impact from Coronavirus

Potential Impact of Coronavirus on the Workplace

Understanding How the SECURE Act will Impact Retirement Plans and Individuals

Year-End Tax Planning Strategies for Your Business

Your Guide to 2019 Accounting Changes

Your Taxes and the Federal Budget

The Challenge with Closing Tax Loopholes

The Top 6 Practical Expedients for Revenue Recognition

IRS Announces Changes in Benefit Plan Limitations for 2020

The Latest Development in Sales Tax Policy: Marketplace Facilitator Laws

How to Have a Transition-Ready Strategy for Information Security

FASB Votes to Delay Lease Accounting, CECL, Hedging Implementation Dates

Court Ruling Indicates SALT Cap Not Going Anywhere

3 Things CEOs, CFOs and Board Members Should Know About Directors & Officers Insurance

What Auditor Form and Content Changes Mean for Your 2020 Audit

5 Ways the New ERISA Employee Benefit Plan Audit Standards Will Affect Your Plans

Delays May Be Coming for Private Company Adoption of Lease Accounting and Other Standards

Parking Expense and Food Cost Relief Could Be on the Way

Tackling Tariffs: A Deep Dive Into How Tariffs Affect You and Your Business

How Does the Performance of Your Architecture Firm Compare to the Competition?

Clarity Offered for Business Interest Expense Limitation

4 Ways to Improve Your Cybersecurity Strategy

Take a Closer Look at the Final QBI Deduction Regulations

Opportunity (Zones) Unlocked

Lessors: Don’t Forget These 3 Simplifications for the Leasing Standard Adoption

How to Get Past the Biggest Misconception about Revenue Recognition

Understanding the Post-Wayfair Tax Landscape

The Challenging New Age of System and Organization Controls (SOC) Examinations for Software Companies

Your Guide to the Qualified Small Business Stock Gain Exclusion

What You Need to Know About Hedge Accounting Changes

Preparing for Filing Season: 199A and What Pass-Through Owners Need To Know

Welcome to the New Age of Cyber Regulations

It’s Not Too Early to Start Thinking About 2019 Financial Statement Reporting

Preparing for Tax Season: Know Your Information Documents

IRS Releases Proposed Regulations and Other Guidance Under Section 965

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